Advanced Moving Service

Our Founders

Two brothers, Kenn Platt Sr. and Ronald Platt, founded Advanced Moving Service in 1987. It was their vision to help people do something stressful and physically demanding and make it stress-free and fun while making a new friend at the same time.

Humble Beginings

My name is Joseph “Duck” Ingle. I started in the industry in 1995. I came to Florida as a 19-year-old kid from the small town of Tualatin, Oregon. That was the year my grandparents retired to Orlando. I ended up meeting Kenn’s son, Robert, in Tampa, Florida, in a hotel lobby. Rob Platt asked me if I needed a job and I was pretty much always up for anything and at the time I didn’t really like the job I had. He gave me his business card and said that his father and uncle owned a small moving company in Apopka, Florida, and if I was interested that I should call his dad when I got back home. When I got back from Tampa, I was at my job and I called Mr. Platt and we spoke for about ten minutes and I agreed that I would come in to meet him and talk to him in person. I met Kenn Sr. and what stood out most to me was that he was a very kind man and that he was always smiling. We agreed that I would help with a job the following Saturday to see if I liked it.

As I worked with Kenn Sr. more and more, he was always talking to me, teaching me, coaching me. One of the many things I appreciated about Mr. Platt was the way he always explained the reason why he did things the way he did. He taught me to always know and to think about the next guy or gal and how what I or you do effects them. From that day forward I have always remembered that and continue to work to provide that service and attention to detail to every situation. Through the years, Mr. Platt taught me so much about life and the moving business. From the big things on the job, like having something break or get damaged to the little things on the job like the truck floor being swept out. As good of a boss and mentor he is, he’s a better person. He helped, not just myself, but many of men who worked for him. He was always right there in the middle of the work with us. He taught us about team work, about integrity and about if you make a mistake or something happens to break on the job, to tell the customer right away. Turns out, that’s a great recipe for life in general.

As I grew in the company I eventually learned to drive, load trucks, pack and do the paperwork. Mr. Platt was always teaching me the industry as I grew with the company. I learned how to not just “do the paperwork”, but to serve the customer, to be kind and pay attention to the customer’s needs. How to carry myself and run a crew as the face of the company out on the job I was on. Most jobs went very smooth and easy, but on the rare occasion, it wasn’t. Kenn Sr. was always there. He always let me know every day, before every job that he expected a happy customer at the end. I took that seriously back then and that remains my focus today.

Advanced Moving Service Today

Times have changed, however, quality and service and commitment to customer satisfaction have not. Not there. I take pride in providing our community with a real service with attention to detail that you want and expect and its really what you’re paying for, is it not? I continued to work for Advanced Moving Service through the early 2000’s. When I began to take loads all over the United States. I’ve been to or through every state in the lower 48, mostly all of those with a truckload of others’ belongings. I was always learning and I was by this time a very skilled laborer. I was learning from Mr. Platt how to do the other side of the business now. Estimates, customer service calls, answering phones, building crates, etc. I learned where all the vendors they used were located and the sales person at those venues. I still to this day deal with the same large packing company and some sales people. Kenn Sr. continued to teach me the value of not just building but maintaining relationship. Not just with vendors but with customers. He challenged me to make a friend out of every person whose home or office I was in.

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