Orlando Piano Movers

Orlando Piano Movers

Are you relocating to a new apartment and troubled about moving your piano? Or do you want to relocate your piano to a different location? Whatever your reasons, you need to hire Orlando piano movers that specialize in piano moving. At Advanced Moving Services, we are one of the best piano movers in Orlando. We have been moving piano since 1987, and we are fully insured and accredited. We have moved countless of pianos both locally and nationally and can assure you that no other Orlando piano moving company can take care of your device than us. If you need to move your piano, here are five reasons you need to choose a specialist piano moving company. 

  1. Avoid Injury and Damage

Pianos come in unique shapes and are very heavy. They are not easy to move if there are stairs involved. You are putting the piano and yourself in danger if you try to move your piano yourself. If you don't have strong men to help you when moving, you may not be able to lift the piano. When you hire a company that specializes in piano moving, they will use professional techniques to make sure the piano is not damaged during the process. 

  1. Proper Moving Truck

Not all vehicles can carry a piano. You might not get the right truck if you try to move the piano on your own. Even if you get the right vehicle, if you don't pack the piano well, you could damage the device. When you hire a piano mover, they will use the right truck. They will pad your piano to ensure it survives any unexpected road hazards.

  1. Proper Tools and Equipment

You need the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Without these tools, the job may ends up taking longer and not done rightly. Professional piano movers have specialized equipment and tools to protect the piano. They have climate-controlled vehicles to prevent weather damage. Expert piano movers have all the tools to make sure your piano is transported and delivered properly. 

  1. Saves You Money

Not hiring a professional piano mover seems like you would save money, but that's not true. You will have to spend more money repair if you damage the piano strings, keyboards, pins, or legs. Hiring a professional piano moving company will save you money than moving the piano yourself.

  1. Worth the Cost

Hiring a piano moving company may seem pricey, but it's well worth the money. You won't have to waste your time and money moving the heavy piano all day long, and you won't have to ask friends or family for help. Instead, you will have professionals taking care of your piano move while you relax. 

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For over 30 years, Advanced Moving Service has been providing professional Piano moving and storage service in Orlando, Florida. Our Orlando piano movers have developed efficient, safe, and effective methods for moving your piano. Call us today at (407) 880-4515 to discuss your moving needs.


Orlando Piano Movers
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