8 Tips for Moving with Pets

Date: August 2, 2019 | Written By: AMS
8 Tips for Moving with Pets

Everything is prepared. You’re packed and ready for the big move. But there’s something you’ve forgotten about… Oh, yes, your cat who doesn’t like to be in the car; your dog who barks at everything that’s on wheels; your bird whose cage is too big to fit through your car door. Moving with pets can be trying, especially if your pets don’t want anything to do with the move. If you’re looking for some helpful tips for moving pets you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t have to be hard to move with a pet.

Here are some helpful tips for moving with pets. These tips will make things easier for you and your little loved one, we promise. 

1. Your New Home

You’re moving to a new home. It’s time to sort out some solid tips to make the move and transition for your pet any easy one. The first tip is to find a new home that has a yard for your dog, or is comfortable for your other pets, like spacious for your cat. This will make the transition to a new home for your pet so much more comfortable for them.

2. Talk to Your Vet

Do you have a pet who doesn’t like traveling? If so, it would be helpful to talk to your vet to try and find a solution. Some vets may offer some form of medication to help ease your pet’s nerves during the trip. 

3. Find a New Vet

If you’re moving far away, find a new vet. Ask your current vet for recommendations, they may know someone. 

4. Get Your Pets Medical Records

If you are moving far away and are getting a new vet, it’s best to get your pets medical records to take with you so when you find a new vet, they have all they need. Getting their medical records will help you stay up to date with your pet’s shots and medical needs. 

5. Update Your Address

Get a new tag for your pet on their collar, and update records to make sure that if your pet somehow gets lost, you have up to date information so they can be found again. 

6. Know How You Will Transport Your Pet

On moving day make, sure you know how you will be transporting your pet. Logistics, logistics, logistics—that’s what moving day is all about. Start planning on how you will be transporting your pet. If you are hiring a professional moving company, then you will want to transport your pet yourself. You will want to travel with your pet to keep them comfortable. If you are driving a long distance, you will want to get your pet accustomed to the travel. The best way to do that is by driving short distances with your pet to prepare them before the final move. Having them travel with you will make them feel more comfortable. 

7. After Moving Day, Make Them Feel At Home

Another great trick in our list of tips for moving pets is after moving day, make your pet feel more at home. If you are done moving your pet, it’s time to make them feel more at home and the best way to do that is to get them acclimated to the new area. If you have a dog, taking them for walks around the neighborhood will help them feel more at home.

8. Hire A Moving Service

Now that you know the best tips for moving pets, you can now think about the best way to transport your belongings on moving day. One of the best and sure ways of moving all of your belongings on moving day is to hire a professional moving company. A professional moving company will help you with every step of the moving process.  

If you have questions about tips for moving pets or are in need of moving services, you can always call an expert mover like Advanced Moving Service at (407) 880-4515.

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