How to Label Boxes for Moving with Tact

Date: August 6, 2019 | Written By: AMS
How to Label Boxes for Moving with Tact

Getting ready for a move is just as much fun as unpacking after a move… it’s not fun. But with just the right amount of caffeine, some good music, and a plan set in place, you can get to work packing with energy, verve, and caffeine coursing through your veins… wait, did I say that already? Here’s how to label boxes for moving with tact and strategy. 

But before we dive into this treatise on how to label boxes for moving, let’s help get you prepared for your move by giving you some helpful moving tips to make packing those labeled boxes easier. 

Throw Things Away

For some people, this may be a little harder than usual. At least two weeks before a move, be sure to dispose of things that are cluttering up your home. This will help smooth the packing process and make things so much easier. Sort your belongings into 3 categories: sell, donate, trash. Trash the stuff you can’t sell or donate; donate the stuff you can’t sell or trash; sell the stuff you can’t donate or trash. 

Create a No Pack Zone

Designate a no pack zone. This is actually an important tip to help with your packing. This will help you organize your packing better. There will obviously be some items you can’t pack or don’t want to be put into just any box. This sort of stuff can include jewelry, medication, and foodstuff. Keep these sorts of things in the no pack zone. 

How to Label Boxes for Moving

Now that you sorted out how to pack and the best methods to winnow down the things that you don’t need, it’s time to figure out the best way to label your boxes. And now without further ado, here’s how to label boxes for moving. 

Purchase Permanent Markers

You can use a label maker, but it is much easier to purchase permanent markers. You want markers that will not fade or be wiped off from a lot of movement and contact (or from water). 

Label All Sides

You want to label all sides of the box so no matter which way it’s placed in the moving truck, you can see just what it is. 

Label Code

Create a code that will help you organize your move. The best method for labeling is to do it by area of the house and like items. For example, you can put on your box filled with bedroom electronics “Bedroom Electronics.” This will help you keep organized. Alternatively, you can also create a special coding system with numbers. What the Dewey Decimal System is to a library, your special code is to your move. This is not suggested because, like the Dewey Decimal System, no one has time to learn all of that. Stick with location and like items to come up with labels for your boxes. 

Organized Chaos

Organize the chaos that is your move. Label the boxes, place them in the rooms that you will be packing and start sorting through everything. If you keep all things in their relative areas it will be easier to pack. Creating some method to the madness that is packing will help make things so much easier. After all, isn’t that what we’re looking for? …to make things easier

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Of course, now that you know how to label boxes for moving with style there’s one more suggestion we have. If it still seems taxing, exhausting, and just plain-old no fun, then you can do the next best thing: hire a professional moving company. 

Hire a professional moving company who can do the packing for you. There are quite a few packing companies who will pack up your things no problem, but only a handful will do it in style, and only one will do it with efficiency in mind—and that’s Advanced Moving service. 

If you have questions, you can always call a moving expert like Advanced Moving Service at (407) 880-4515.

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