How to Move a Pool Table

Date: July 3, 2019 | Written By: AMS
How to Move a Pool Table

Pool tables are a lot of fun which is why they’re hard to part with when you’re moving to a new place. But, if you know how to move correctly, you don’t have to say goodbye to the game. Here’s how to move your pool table without damaging it so you can always have fun, even in your new place. 

When it comes to moving your pool table, it all comes down to where you’re moving it.

First, you want to make sure that you’re moving it to the right place. Make sure that your new home or office has room for it. If you’re moving the pool table to another room of your house or another part of the office, we have some tips for you. If you’re moving it to another room, you can easily use rolling dollies to move it or lift the table itself, with the aid of a few helpful friends.

Moving the piece of furniture from one room to another is pretty easy. 

How to Move a Pool Table to Another Room

Here are a few things you need in order to get your pool table situated into another room.

1. Strength

You must be strong, or have some helping hands who can lift the unit up to move it to a different room. 

2. Tools

You will need the tools and the right equipment in order to tackle this project. This would include a screwdriver, a drill and drill bits. 

3. Use Four Dollies

Grab some rolling dollies; use the flat kind to get prepared to move the pool table to the next room. 

4. Position your Equipment

Position your equipment in place so you can lift the pool table onto the dollies. 

5. Lift the Pool table Up

Lift the pool table on each side and move the dollies into place. 

6. Begin the Work of Sliding the Pool table into Place

Slide the pool table into its proper space. Now you can set it up and rack the balls and start a game! 

How to Move Your Pool table to a New Home or Office

moving a pool table

Here’s how to move a pool table to your new home or office.

1. Remove Pockets

Remove the 6 pockets. each pool table has pockets and they will need to be removed first before the move. You want to always start with the easier outer layers when taking apart something complex like a pool table. You may need to lay down on the floor to remove the pockets. They are usually attached with either nails or stables.

2. Remove the Felt

The green felt should be removed before the move so as not to damage it. Make sure to remove it as gently as you can if you intend to reuse it. Some are removable by removing the staples, or nails. Other types of felt may be glued on and will have to be removed by gently pulling it backward. Never pull it straight up or to the side like a magician with a tablecloth. This could damage the felt.

3. Remove the Slate

The slate is the flat surface that the felt rested on. You can usually remove it with screws found around the edges. Once removed, place in a flatbed of a truck or in the mover’s truck to prevent from warping. You do not want the slate to warp as this would damage the pool table. You don’t want to play on an uneven surface. That means you’d be playing with an uneven advantage. 

4. Take Appart the Legs

Take off the legs to shed the rest of the weight. Now that you’ve taken these components apart, you can transport the pieces to your new home. 

5. Transport

Once you’ve arrived, you can unload your pool table’s parts and find the right room to place it in. Then begins the construction. Reconstruct your pool table. 

6. Play

Now that you’ve put your pool table together in your new home or place of work, you can start playing. Be sure to win! 

And that’s how to move a pool table to your new home or office. 

If you need help moving a pool table, you can always call an expert mover like Advanced Moving Service.

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