Stay Organized During the Move: Weekly Moving Checklist

Date: May 13, 2019 | Written By: AMS
Stay Organized During the Move: Weekly Moving Checklist

40 million Americans — that’s 14% of the population — move each year. Many of them will rely on a moving checklist to relocate as seamlessly as possible. And you should too.

There’s much more to a successful move than boxing up your possessions and stuffing them in the car. For example, did you remember to forward your mail and contact your utility provider? Forgetting a step in the moving process could cost you time, money, or delay your move outright.

Need help navigating your next big move? Our moving checklist will keep you organized so you can enjoy the transition, not dread it.

Moving Checklist: Your Move Starts Here

Two months before your move, start planning with our checklist for moving. Think that’s too early? Trust us: These sixty days are going to fly by.

Two Months Before

After setting the date of your moving day, you’ll need to decide how you’ll be moving and what you’ll be taking with you. At this point, your landlord and school should be aware of your move.

Research Moving Companies. Keep your budget in mind as you get quotes from nearby moving professionals. Maybe you want to shoulder some of the burden to keep prices low. Consider a packing and crating service to pack your possessions, even if you’ll be delivering them yourself.

Organize Your Belongings. Take this opportunity to donate and dispose of possessions you don’t want to bring with you. Unclutter your paperwork and store the essentials in a folder or briefcase, so you don’t forget anything.

Prepare School Records. Inform your children’s school district of your new address, and have them prepare the transfer paperwork.

Six Weeks Before

Six weeks is less time than you might think. Keep your relocating checklist nearby as you start setting everything in stone.

Schedule the Moving Service. Now that you’ve gathered moving quotes and decided on a residential moving company, let them know the day of your move. Moving costs are lower during the off-season and weekdays.

Establish Homeowner’s Insurance. Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider and ask them if they cover your new address. If not, you’ll need to find a new provider before the move.

Arrange Travel Reservations. Will you need to rent a car or book a hotel? However you plan to travel during the move, you’ll save money by arranging for these services in advance.

Purchase Moving Supplies. Have you decided to pack, rather than using a moving company? Then now is the time to get the boxes, tape, labels, and anything else you might need to protect your items in transit. Packing supplies are always useful, so don’t be afraid to purchase extra.

Four Weeks Before

With a month before the big move, the date is looming closer. This means you should pull out the elbow grease and start getting the house prepared.

Pack Nonessentials. Since packing is such a demanding and time-consuming process, it’s best to get started early. Box and store away possessions you won’t be using until after the move, such as knick-knacks and artwork. If you’re concerned about damaging your fine art, consider a professional fine art moving company.

Create a Start-Up Kit. You won’t be able to unpack everything right away when you make it to your new home. You’ll want clothes, toiletries, food, and entertainment on-hand during this transition.

Eat Refrigerated Items. Stop filling your fridge and freezer with perishable goods. Pace yourself and your eating habits so you don’t have extra food on moving day.

Two Weeks Before

Since the move is all but assured, you need to contact some local services and let them know the good news. While you can forward your medical records after the move, it’s easiest to do it in-person.

Forward Medical Records. Have your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, and other health experts send your records to new professionals near your new home.

Update Your Address. Contact the post office and have them forward your mail to the new address. It’s easy. You can even change your address online.

Disable Utilities. You don’t want to pay for a service you’re not using. Contact your water, electric, gas, and internet providers and alert them of your moving day. They’ll close your account and shut the services down on a date of your choice.

One Week Before

You’ll be tying up loose ends with the big day on the horizon. By now your home should be entirely packed, cleaned, and ready to be loaded onto the moving trucks.

Finish Packing. Now even the important items need to be packed away. Pack up your books, games, and even cutlery. You’ll likely be eating out without all your cookware available.

Clean the House. Since everything is boxed up, now is the perfect time to prepare the house for its new owners. Pull out the mops and dustrags, because it’s better than losing your security deposit.

Defrost the Freezer. Is the refrigerator coming with you? Then disconnect it and thaw the built-up ice. You don’t want the frost melting during transit and leaking onto the susceptible cardboard boxes it’s packed with.

Service Your Cars. It’s a good idea to make sure your cars are ready for a long drive if you’re moving out of state. Take your vehicles to the mechanic and have them tuned up. It’s better than having a mechanical problem on the interstate.

Depend on a Professional Moving Company

Intimidated by our moving checklist? Don’t be. Since a professional moving company can handle the packaging, shipping, and unpacking of your possessions, you’ll only have to worry about the small things.

Sometimes moving can go awry, so you should choose the best moving company around. Advanced Moving Service has operated throughout Florida for more than thirty years. Contact us for your next big move.

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